VPN settings

Special client software can be downloaded here to use the service (valid IIG ID and the assigned password are required for downloading):

Windows 10

Installation guide
Installation guide (video)

Mac OSX v.10.11 El Capitan or later FortiClientVPNOnlineInstaller_7.0.dmg
Installation guide
Linux Installation guide

Platform independent settings:

Connection Name ELTE
Remote Getaway fw1.vpn.elte.hu or fw2.vpn.elte.hu
Customize port 4443

Users will be able to connect to the VPN service with the created contact profile. During connection the server will create the encrypted connection after requesting and verifying of the VPN username and the assigned password. If you do not have a VPN ID, you can find more details about it in the following page: VPN service. In case of using xDSL router at home, it is important for the router to allow IPsec VPN type data flow, too. This setting can usually be found on "IPsec VPN pass-through" point of the router configuration interface.

If your home internet supplier does not provide public IP address to your computer, (in this case it /also/ conducts address translation) it will be necessary to turn off „Enable Transparent Tunnelling” on the „Transport” tab of the connection. If the connection is not established, you will not be asked to enter your username, but connection will be interrupted due to exceeded time reason.