IT Directorate is primarily the IT and telecommunication infrastructure department of the Chancellery which concerns all users of the entire university and responsible for maintenance, development and operation of the basic and special IT services.

Duties of the IT Directorate:
  • Operation and development of the telecommunication network (telephone network, sub centres, connecting devices and services) of the university, regular contact with service provider companies, preparation of service contracts, keeping constant analytic record of telecommunication costs

  • Operation and development of all passive and active elements in the university data network

  • Maintenance of equipment for basic IT services, operation and development of basic services

  • Operation and development of IT systems and connecting services related to economic and institutional management

  • Elaboration of administrative and security regulations related to the services provided by the Directorate, monitoring and supervising compliance with the rules for the entire range of users.

  • Contact with users in case of services provided by the IT Directorate

  • Direct user support and desktop management according to the particular Service Level Agreements with the central departments (Office of the Rector and Secretary General, Directorate of Education, Center for Science Organization, Tendering and Innovation, Directorate-General for Economic and Technical Affairs)

  • Carrying out tasks related to the regional center of the National Research Network (HBONE)

  • Advisory and coordination tasks related to IT development in the university

  • Representation of the university in professional organizations, domestic and international forums concerning the tasks of the IT Directorate