The Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) program serves to facilitate statistical calculations and analyses.

There are suitable versions for Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

All employees with valid relationship, doctoral students and doctoral candidates of ELTE are entitled to use it, and students participating in Bachelor of Science and Master of Science education may have access to it, depending on the regulations of the faculty.

The current agreement is valid until 31.12.2023.

The SPSS installer can be downloaded from  szoftver.elte.hu website.

Unlike in previous years, this year there will no longer be opportunity for requesting custom codes as usual, but “concurrent” licensing will be implemented, so each device must be linked into the university network in order to use the program.

VPN connection is required for activation and for later use of program from home. If you do not have such access, you can require it with the help of the following description:

VPN request

The following description can help you to set up and use VPN connection:

VPN settings

You can find the method of installation and activation of SPSS program on the below links:

SPSS 28 Installation Guide (Windows)
SPSS 28 Installation Guide (MAC)

In case you face any obstacle or have further questions, our colleagues are at your disposal at spss@elte.hu for lecturers and at operator@elte.hu email address for students.

Setup Guide for TáTK students